Sebastian Hackenschmidt

Curator and custodian for furniture at the Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna; wrote his PhD about bones in modern and contemporary art and is obsessed with antler furniture and material insipidness; recent exhibitions include Formless Furniture (2008-09, with Dietmar Rübel), Furniture as Trophy (2009-10) and Industrial Furniture (2011-12). Together with Monika Wagner and Dietmar Rübel, he has published the Lexikon des künstlerischen Materials. Werkstoffe der modernen Kunst von Abfall bis Zinn (2nd edition Munich 2010), and together with Klaus Engelhorn, he has edited the volume on Möbel als Medien. Beiträge zu einer Kulturgeschichte der Dinge (Bielefeld 2011).

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Contributed by Sebastian Hackenschmidt

Seth Kinman: The Grizzly Bear Chair, 1865