Robert Marbury

is a Co-founding member of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists and has been developing his Urban Beast Project since 2000, in order to investigate the ferine nature of animals and their interaction with humans in the urban environment. Marbury received his BA in Anthropology from Connecticut College and a post-Bac from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His artwork explores the liminal spaces in contemporary culture, attempting to identify social rules and norms paired with an absurdist’s instinct to confuse his conclusions. Marbury has received support from the State of Minnesota, Aljira Contemporary Arts in Newark, NJ, the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, Bates College, Kansas City Artspace, as well as The Contemporary Arts Forum in Kitchen, Ontario.

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Contributed by Robert Marbury

Robert Marbury: Nardog (Canis monoceros)