Mark Fairnington

Mark Fairnington’s practice is founded on painting as its primary method of research. His work explores an interest in the lineage of animal painting and its relation to the history of collecting within the natural sciences, probing the image of natural history specimens in collections, in storage and in displays. For a number of years Fairnington has focused his research on the large number of specimens housed in the Natural History Museum, London. This research has been fuelled by a fascination in the way that visual language has been used to describe the specimens and discoveries of the nineteenth century, when naturalists and collectors were involved in a race to explore and possess the natural world. Fairnington’s most recent exhibition Unnatural History was a retrospective at the Mannheimer Kunstverein and Galerie Peter Zimmermann in Germany.

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Contributed by Mark Fairnington

Mark Fairnington: The Raft, oil on canvas, 2006