Mark Dion

Mark Dion is one of the world’s foremost ecological artists, addressing pollution, extinction, biodiversity and the many cultures and histories of nature in his work. He has been travelling the world, for instance to the rain forests of Borneo and Brasil or the arctic regions, in order to conduct artistic research in the field; he is an amateur naturalist as much as he is a visual artist. But living in New York City he does not believe in unspoilt nature and has been carrying out similar expeditions in megacities and their fleamarkets. Mark is also known for investigating into the public institutions of art and science considering the ways in which dominant ideologies shape our understanding of history, knowledge, and the natural world. He has been intervening into these structures through site-sensitive installations, publications or lectures, that result from his involvement with the social fabric of curators, visitors and technicians.

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Contributed by Mark Dion

Mark Dion: Polar Bears and Toucans (from Amazonas to Svalbard), crate, washtub, tar, stuffed animal, sound from the Venezuelan Amazon region, 1991