Jane Wildgoose

is an artist, writer, broadcaster, consultant, NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) Dream Time Fellow, and Keeper of the Wildgoose Memorial Library. She works across a wide range of disciplines exploring the values, narratives, and memories that become attached to remains of all kinds. Whether devising complex cabinets and installations combining hundreds of museum objects with specially devised handicrafts; researching, writing and designing a medical/musical performance based on a curious piece of Baroque music describing surgery to remove stones from the body; or co-devising a broadcast for BBC Radio examining a hair from the head of Horatio Nelson bought on eBay, Wildgoose’s appraisals of the past are transported into the present with a strong appeal to the senses and the imagination, underpinned by detailed research and thorough knowledge of the history of collecting.

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Contributed by Jane Wildgoose