Giovanni Aloi

Lecturer in History of Art at Roehampton University, Queen Mary University of London, The Open University, and Tate Galleries. Since 2006, he is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Antennae, the Journal of Nature in Visual Culture (see especially issues 6 (summer 2008): Rogue Taxidermy and 7 (autumn 2008): Botched Taxidermy). The Journal combines a heightened level of academic scrutiny of animals in art, with a less formal and more experimental format designed to appeal to wider audiences. Since 2009, Giovanni has been researching for his PhD at Goldsmiths College on the subject of ‘animals as art objects in the gallery space’. His first book, Art & Animals, part of the series ‘Art &’ has been published by IB Tauris in 2011.

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Contributed by Giovanni Aloi

Siberian Tiger and Sika Deer, Museo di Storia Naturale Milan