Filip Van Dingenen

Filip Van Dingenen‘s creative modes can consist of dream-like states, imaginary personages, situations and travels where the artist acts as a flâneur – Van Dingenen has set out to venture into new worlds by producing alternative mindsets. For the past few years he has traveled to zoos all over the world as well as visited museums of natural history, taxidermists, collectors and authorities. For instance, he traced the former residents/remains of the Limburg Zoo. These travels and investigations resulted in ZOONATION, which is a web project or virtual platform for multidisciplinary research and was followed by the eponymous publication. Further projects:Fantaman Productions, Flota Nufumu

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Contributed by Filip Van Dingenen

Karl Kaestner is turning Bobby into a Dermoplastik, 1935, photo archives Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin