Avi Lubin

is a curator and a PhD candidate at the School of Philosophy and The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University. In his research he tries to redefine the category of political action as a deed that subverts the basic categories on which the symbolic and political order is established and challenges prevalent binaries that construct it. His MA thesis was titled: From Political Action to Depoliticizing Politics: Hannah Arendt, Tali Fahima and the Encounter between Politics and Israeli Criminal Law.

He curated solo and group exhibitions in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Hamburg, among them are The End of History at Künstlerhaus Speckstraße and Kutscherhäuser in Hamburg, Grandfather Paradox at the Chelouche Gallery in Tel-Aviv and ON-OFF Art Projects in Hamburg and Entropy at Art Cube Gallery, Jerusalem.

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Contributed by Avi Lubin

Tomer Sapir: Untitled (detail), 2012, mixed media, 2012, installation at Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv. Photo: Elad Sarig