The Specimens

Small Things, Dead Things, Stingy Things: An Interview with Tessa Farmer

Tessa working

The artist’s studio in her flat, London 13th November 2013 Petra Lange-Berndt: Would you use the term ‘craft’ to describe your artistic practice? Tessa Farmer: I would certainly say skills of making, which is craft, absolutely, there are processes that I have taught myself and I don’t think about them anymore … so the making [...]

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Texas Taxidermy

Creative Taxidermy, Texas 2009

Driving through the small town of Sabinal just west of San Antonio, Texas in 2009 on our way to Marfa, we almost missed the sign for Creative Taxidermy at 320 Fisher Avenue…

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A Preserved! Daytrip in Northern Michigan


I went on a family trip through Sault Ste. Marie Michigan this August for the purpose of taking photographs related to taxidermy in the local area. Below I provide comments where I feel that they might be helpful or interesting, but largely this is meant to be a pictorial account of what one can regularly [...]

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Charles Dickens’s Cat Paw Letter Opener / The End of History Beer

Charles Dickens’s letter opener with the paw of his cat, Bob, 1862, New York Public Library, Berg Collection

Charles Dickens was fascinated by taxidermy. After visiting a shop with a friend, he wrote a taxidermist into his novel Our Mutual Friend; “Mr. Venus” stands out as a maker and a connection to life and energy in a novel concerned with dust and dying. Dickens had some animals stuffed, including pets like his famous [...]

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Looking Death in the Face

Museum Clausum: British Museum I

As a young child, I was taken by my mother to the Senkenberg Museum in Frankfurt. The memory I have of this visit is limited to few exhibits. Apart from the seemingly gigantic dinosaur skeletons I remember only two other objects that have left a lifelong impression on me. One of these exhibits never to [...]

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